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Homework Help: Biomechanics Question.

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    Biomechanics Question. Please Help!

    Hey everyone, I need help with the following question:

    Vertical velocity of the hip = 2.1 m/sec
    Horizontal velocity of the hip = 1.7 m/sec
    Angular velocity of thigh = 4.6 rad/sec
    Thigh length = 0.36 m

    a) Calculate the absolute horizontal velocity of the knee when the thigh is perpendicular to the ground.

    Calculate the velocity of the knee with respect to the hip at any point (assume that the hip velocites are constants).

    c) Calculate the absolute horzontal velocity of the knee when the thigh is at an angle of -36 degrees (with respect to the horizontal) and travelling in a counterclockwise direction.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    This sounds very much like a homework question, in which case it is posted contrary to forum guidelines. There is a section devoted to homework. If this were a serious scientific enquiry, it would not have been worded as something from an assignment.
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