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Biomedical Engineering + ?

  1. Oct 2, 2008 #1
    Alright, freshman at the University of Minnesota so I have a while to toss this around, but I would eventually like to own my own business someday.

    So, that leads me to my question. I am going to get a degree in Biomedical Engineering (the twin cities area is heavily populated with medical companies).

    I have 32 credits going into my freshman year, so the majority of my generals are done.
    I have a quite full course load and at the moment I will be able to graduate in 4 years and get a minor if I want.

    However, I will most likely not study abroad because of the coursework and lack of interesting locations to study abroad in. I would really like to study abroad though, which is where a second degree comes in. If I work my *** off, I could potentially graduate in 5 years with a second degree in Marketing, Finance, or MIS (I would really be busting my *** though, as it would be an entirely different class load and I would have to take all the beginning classes for Carlson 60+ credits for another major).

    Now how beneficial would a second degree be from an engineering stand point?
    Would it be 'better' to get a minor in marketing or something?
    I could also easily get a minor in math, but if I were to get two minors that seems rather redundant and it would most likely be better to just go another year and graduate in 5 years. Most IT students here graduate in 5 years, but they push 4 pretty heavily to get some fresh blood in.

    None of the majors that I've seen are easily obtainable with biomedical engineering, none of the classes that I take could count for another degree (other than the required beginning classes that every other IT kid takes).

    Getting a biomedical engineering degree, would it be more beneficial to get a minor in a business related field and graduate in 4 years or bust it and get a second major and graduate in 5 years + study abroad the fifth year?

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