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Biomedical physics

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    What exactly is this field guys? My friend is kinda interested in going into our universities new biomed physics program. What can you do with a bs/ms/phd? What are the salaries like and what are teh jobs like?
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    I'm also planning in studying that in depth, I think what you should look into are the individual courses that you'll be taking for that major - look under the 'typical 4 year curriculum' and post the specific courses and descriptions here
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    Look here http://www.amolf.nl/ under research, they carry out biophysical research projects at the institute.
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    Well its a friend who doing it... so she can go find out herself :D
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    i also wonder what courses in 'biophysics' are unique to just this major?? and which physics courses are they taking? and are there actually any textbooks with title such as 'biophysics', or no such thing?

    also, there is research at my school on this 'optical tweezers', i.e. devising techniques to observe how structures inside the cells move. i wonder if someone could explain in more detail what such research involves, and what kind of courses an undergrad student would need to have in order to do research in that area and actually find it a useful educational experience? i just know that the prof doing that research teaches optics. but what about other physics courses?
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