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Bioshock, why is it so popular?

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    I played this game for about 15 min., and then threw it in the trash. I thought that not only was the game play horrible and annoying, but the theme was sadistic. The game seems to be full of inside meanings. Adam and Eve are the main resources, you get eve by killing young girls. Is this not only implying raping them as they use the terms adam and eve? I thought this game was not only way over the boarder sickining, but also very poor game play. Yet, the game is being called the best game of all times by all of the critics. Game spy, and IGN are both owned by the same corp that made bioshock, but all of the reviews seem to be good as well. Is the most sadistic game automatically the best now days?
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    Hint - You actually get more Eve by not killing the girls.

    I'm curious as to why you equate Adam and Eve with rape :confused:
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    Actually, you get more eve, I'm pretty sure by harvesting the girl. Why the terms adam and eve? Why do you get eve from little girls? It just doesn't make sense to me other than that it must be an inside message. The makers of this game have said that everything in it is designed to make an effect on you, there must be some reason they use adam and eve. Probably the same reason that porno studios use it. Then you are supposed to harvest little girls protected by big daddies in order to gain eve. That is just twisted and sick.

    My opinion is that the terms adam and eve are associated in our minds with sex. That way you associate sex with eve, and with harvesting the little girls to get it. All the terminology points toward this.
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    Maybe you should play the game more than 15 minutes so your questions are answered?

    By the way, you get ADAM for little sisters, not EVE.
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    I already feel like a sicko just for buying the game. Why play longer anyways? Nothing changes, you just keep going on to kill more big daddies and harvest little sisters. As a first person shoot, the game is probably worse than the first one ever made.
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    Yes, you just keep going on killing and harvesting little sisters, that is if you ignore the huge storyline going on around you.

    The point of the game is its storyline, and if you don't play long enough to see it, well that sucks for you.

    By the way you don't have to kill the little sisters you know, right? If you feel bad killing them...then ...um...Don't?
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    That is all part of the twistedness, you don't have to harvest the little sisters, but you are encouraged to. The rest of the game has the same philosophical message. I think the message is that instinct is prime and rational self interest. This encourages you to do whatever you need to do to satisfy your prime evil instinct, whether you crave to rape little sisters, or you want to brutally kill people.
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    Also when you install the game, it automatically instals a root kit that you can't delete which is supposedly designed to spy on you.
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    How can you say what the meaning of the game is if you've only played 15 minutes of it?

    And you are in no way encouraged to harvest the little sisters. The material reward is greater, thats it. If someone walking past me drops their wallets I don't walk off with it, I catch up with him and give it back, regardless of the material reward. I chose to rescue the little sisters regardless of the material rewards. I can just as easily say that the game encourages you to save them because of the emotional relationships forged throughout the game.

    I also don't understand where you got the ludicrous idea that you rape the little sisters. I have never heard ANYONE else even suggest that.
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    Ok so you don't rape the little sisters on the screen, you just pick them up and they squirm, then they die and turn into some kind of black slime that runs out of your hands. still though harvesting them to fill up your eve never the less sick. That is the main idea of the game is it not?, doing what is right for emotional value vs. doing evil for material value. Also the idea that the world is all doing evil and is selfish, so you must also be evil and selfish to survive.
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    I call b.s. unless you can prove it.
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    I guess I can't prove it, that is just what people say in the reviews. I know it does install a root kit that you cannot delete. People say you can only install it 5 times and then it wont work anymore. Maybe that is the only reason that the root kit is installed and cannot be deleted, but some computer techs claimed that it is used to spy as well.
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    "Like many others I installed the Bioshock demo, played it and then later uninstalled it. Much to my horror I later discovered that even the demo installs Sony's Securom DRM sh*tware and, whats worse, leaves Securom on your system even if you uninstalled the Bioshock demo!

    This is a security risk!

    So without further ado:

    Securom uninstallation instructions for Windows XP SP2

    Disclaimer 1: Only attempt these uninstallation instructions if you are reasonably computer literate and have backed-up your entire system.
    Disclaimer 2: Only attempt these uninstallation instructions if you have no games installed which require Securom to be present.
    Disclaimer 3: Only attempt these uninstallation instructions if you previously had to authorised your PC with Securom before you could play a game and that game is now uninstalled.

    * Step 1: Uninstall the Bioshock demo.

    * Step 2: Remove the Securom registry entries.
    The Securom registry entries are deliberately made non-removable by default. In order to remove them download the http://www.microsoft.com/technet/s [...] lNull.mspx RegDelNull registry editing utility from Microsoft and install it on your C partition.
    Run the following two commands from a Windows command prompt: "C:regdelnull HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSecuROM -s" and "C:regdelnull HKEY_USERS\SoftwareSecuROM -s" where "" can be determined by searching the registry for the "Securom" directory key. This "" typically has a form like "S-1-5-21-2052111302-1757341266-724545543-500". Once these two RegDelNull commands have been successfully issued the registry should be checked to confirm that these two keys have been deleted. If they are still present they will now be removeable due to the action of the RegDelNull utility.

    * Step 3: Removal of the Securom service and related utilities.
    Open a Windows command prompt and change directory to "c:windowssystem32". Type "uaservice7 /remove". This will stop the Securom user access service, and clean up its relevant registry entries. On the Windows command prompt type "regsvr32 /u cmdlineext.dll". Reboot and then manually delete the files "uaservice7.exe" and "cmdlineext.dll" from "c:windowssystem32". Note: Both of these files are Securom installed files which can be verified by checking their file properties (Right click - Properties).

    * Step 4: Removal of Securom files under "C:Documents and Settings".
    Securom installs a hidden directory with 6 files under "C:Documents and Settings\Application DataSecurom". The first 4 ordinary text files can simply be manually deleted once Windows explorer has been configured to show hidden files and folders. The two remaining malformed nominally unremoveable files require a special method to delete: Invoke a Windows command prompt with full Administrator privileges by typing the following into a Windows command prompt: "at /interactive %systemroot%system32cmd.exe" e.g. "at 9:02pm /interactive %systemroot%system32cmd.exe". This will open a new Administrator command line when the time set has been attained. In this new command prompt change directory into the Securom folder e.g. "cd C:Documents and Settings\Application DataSecurom". Issue the following command to show the two remaining hidden malformed files: "dir /A". To delete the two remaining hidden malformed files issue the following command: "del /F /AH *". Confirm "yes" for each of the two file deletions of the malformed files. Finally, the directory "C:Documents and Settings\Application DataSecurom" can be deleted as per normal practice from within Windows explorer."

    Sorry, I didn't mean to spread rumors, not a rootkit, just something similar.
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    It wouldn't be the first time Sony software installs a rootkit on your PC without you knowing. They really need to cut that sh** out.

    W3pcq, I don't see why you are so upset. First of all, EVE is never mentioned in the game as far as I can remember. Only ADAM. Moreover, when I think Adam and Eve, I think Genesis and creation, not sex. YOUR mind is dirty, don't project it on everyone else.

    The game lets you decide whether or not to kill the girls. You get the good ending if you save them all and they give you rewards later for helping them out. I chose to save them and got the good ending.

    The gameplay, story, and atmosphere is what the game is being hailed for. Too bad none of them are groundbreaking. The game tries to be like System Shock 2, but waters down the gameplay.

    The game is alright, but it's not great or anything. But by playing it for 15 minutes you wouldn't know, now would you?

    I have some advice for you, though: Don't read the Bible, or hell, any other book that has had an enormous influence on society. They all tend to be violent or sexual in nature. Just thought I'd warn you, since you can't handle things that occur in life.
  16. May 1, 2008 #15
    Dude, every time you encounter a little sister, you are presented with a CHOICE of whether to kill them or save them. That you chose to kill them is a reflection on YOU, not the game. In fact, you get MORE rewards if you choose to save them. On top of that, when you encounter the first little sister, a woman begs you to be good and save her. On top of that, the ending of the game depends on whether you choose to save or kill the little sisters and, without spoiling it, it is very much clear that saving them is the preferred route.

    Yes, the idea that abusing little girls in a scheme to produce ADAM is sick is very much a central theme of the game. That's why you spend most of the game working to bring down the sickos who use the girls that way. You'd know this if you'd played long enough to form even a basic idea of what is going on. Instead, you made the choice to kill the first little sister you encountered, were suitably revulsed at yourself, and are now trying to externalize that impulse onto the game.

    Again, if you'd played long enough to even scratch the surface, you'd know that it's a much more complex story than that. Certainly it is not intended to be an uncritical endorsement of the shallow Ayn Rand ideas that pervade the city propaganda. Very much the opposite, in fact.

    It's a pretty intense game, and is not for everyone, but the idea that it's endorsing amoral, evil ideologies is completely backwards. It has a very strong moral emphasis. Well, apart from the 95% of the gameplay that consists of slaughtering psychotic industrial workers, anyway...

    I really need to play through it again, now that I think about it. I depended too much on the machine gun and invisibility tonic the first time through... Also, anyone have any favorite methods for taking out Big Daddies? I'd usually just fry them with the electric gel, although I started to feel kind of cheap about it by the end...
  17. May 1, 2008 #16
    By the end of the game I was pretty bored so I just kept melee-ing the Big Daddys. One thing about not having a "game over" screen when you die, you know? Really ruined the game for me.
  18. May 1, 2008 #17
    If anything this game is very satanic. Rapture is nothing like the real world.
  19. May 1, 2008 #18
    What is the fun in killing the crazy people anyways? The game play sucks bad. They are entirely unintelligent, random and you need to shoot them a whole lot for them to die while meanwhile, they blindside. You never have enough bullets to use the gun very much. You spend most your time scavenging dead bodies. When you use the plasmids it is just like a hand waving weapon with no skill involved except keeping up on resources. The idea that every end enemy is the same, and that the others between don't change either is lame. The way you hack the vending machines is totally lame. That is less fun that doing a connect the dots picture. They made the game to look like a first person shooter mixed with an RPG like fallout. I thought you would be able to interact with people, I thought you would be able to explore areas and have an inventory. I thought you would be able to modify weapons, maybe upgrade armor, instead the game just lets you pick different plasmids. The entire appeal is just the exposure to sadistic imagery.
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  20. May 1, 2008 #19
    One thing that I think would have improved the gameplay would be to introduce more situations/enemies where you need to use the different weapons/plasmids. Like I said earlier, I just kind of crept around with the machine gun, turned invisible, and then waited for the enemies to wander into my line of fire. I never even used certain of the weapons... Even at the end boss, all I had to do was stand still and open up with the machine gun. I didn't even work out how to use the trap bolts until after I'd already beaten the game. I guess I should turn the difficulty up before I complain too much, though. Maybe next time through I'll use all those melee tonics that I skipped last time around, and bash some heads...

    Actually, I was kind of stoked that they reused the old Pipe Dream game for the hacking. I remember playing that on NES back in the 80's...
  21. May 1, 2008 #20
    A better game is ,"stalker". That is what I thought bioshock was going to be like. I cannot for the life of me see why almost everyone rates it as the best game ever. These people cannot be hardcore gamers.
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