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Biotech vs. Disease Bio major?

  1. Aug 31, 2013 #1
    Here's my situation:

    Im a senior trying to decide between being a Biotechnology major at Indiana University, or a Health and Disease Bio major at Purdue. I will also be on a Pre-medicine track. For IU, I've already been accepted and I love the campus and environment, even if its not best for studying. For Purdue, I've just finished my application today but I think Im almost a lock for admission. I also love PU's campus and like its "smarter" environment.

    I'm in-state for both, so costs are around $20K each. Which major (and school) do you guys recommend? Health and Disease Bio sound like exactly what I'm interested in, but Biotech seems like it would be more employable right out of college if I so chose. Thanks!
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    You might want to open up the course calendars and compare the courses with each stream. I strongly suspect you'll end up with a pretty similar course load either way, particularly in the first two years.

    Other than that, I wouldn't try to get too specific with an undergrad degree. Sure "disease biology" sounds cool as a major, but really, what doors is that going to open that a biology degree will not? Conversely, will it close any? What happens if, for example, in your third year, you discover that you have a love for botany or perhaps animal physiology that you didn't know about and want to get into graduate school for? Getting specific is what you do in graduate school. Undergrad is about establishing a foundation in your chosen field and exploring the different options.
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