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Homework Help: Biotechnology: Plasmids

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    A piece of linear DNA is 150 000 base pairs in length and it is digested with a restriction enzyme that recognizes a seven-base-pair recognition site. How many fragments do you predict would be produced? Show your calculations.

    I would say, 150000bp / 7 = 21428.57 fragments (Weird...)

    What am I doing wrong???

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    jim mcnamara

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    A restriction enzyme cuts the DNA at the recognition site. Not every seven base pairs.
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    Hmm, but we don't know how many restriction enzymes are on that linear piece of DNA.
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    4 nitrogenous pairs each base pair so 4^7 = 16384 (base pairs) then 150000 divide by 16384 which gives us 9.15 so approximately 9 fragments.
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