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Bipartisanship political model

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    "bipartinsanship is the most effective political model to which the united states of america can adhere."

    what are your views on this??
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    Bipartisanship requires a large degree of agreement in any area. No agreement, no bipartisanship.

    The right and the left (republicans and democrats) have almost no agreement on anything at the present time, so I think that bipartisanship is dead at least for awhile.

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    yes that is true but some democrats and republicans do agree with some things and not all so r u saying that bipartinship requires complete and total agreement because thats not going to happen sorry
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    No, I am not saying that total agreement is necessary for bipartisanship, However, the two sides agree on so little these days that it appears to me that true bipartisanship is impossible,

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    thank you for ur view
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