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Medical Biphastic sleep

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    i am thinking it partioning sleep patterns, and as far as i can tell, i can get it down to 3 hours or so a day, though i dont want to take 6 naps or so a day as this will lead to decreased levels of seratonin,melanin etc. i beliave that if i take two 3 hour "naps" or rather partitioned sections of sleep 10, and 8 hour apart, the i may very well be able to sucessfully gain 2 hours a day without tiredness, and little other in the way of negative outcome. Spaniards do this with thier siestas, though their sleep is not partitioned evenly they still manage to go on just fine with what could be an elimination of sleep because of quicker jumping into rem cycles, and still with enough to produce a fair amount of needed bodily cemicals. they dont do this efficiently enough to beat out the sleep-deprives japanese as far as least sleep daily goes, but i think that in this way, 6 hours should be ample. does anyone have any experiense with polyphastic sleep, and the possible adverse affects that i may experience. (i intend to monitor myself as closely as possible, as i am quite curious as to any effects ood or bad).
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    no one knows of it, seems surprising a bunch of physicsts can allways use some spare time, what about ubermans (and excuse me, its actually biphasic* sleep, not phastic i just hit an extera letter, though i doubt that will jar anyones memories
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    and oh yeah the spaniards thing for you critics doesent refer to all, or those of today, as only around 7-10% still take regular catnaps.
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