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Homework Help: Bird on a wire

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    A bird, whose feet are 3cm apart, perches on a bare "High tension" power line carrying a
    current of 720A. If the wire has a resistance of 80μΩ/m, calculate the potential difference between the bird's feet. Do you think the bird will be electrocuted?

    r = p * (L/A)

    I have the problem set up as (8 * 10^-5Ω/m) * (.03m/A). I don't know what to put for the area since the cross section hasn't been given. I am aware that the bird should not be electrocuted since its potential is the same as the wire, so there should be no current.
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    Hi Wnt2bsleepin, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    Note that the resistivity of the wire is given to you in units of Ohms per-meter. So the cross sectional area is already factored in.
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    Thanks, then all I have to do is multiply by the distance and I should get what I want.
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