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Bird's and Frog's view, Quantum decoherence and consciousness

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    Hi, All

    As I know quantum reality (bird’s view) is transformed into the world we observe (frog’s view) via the process called quantum decoherence. Based on wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decoherence (as I understand it) this is just mathematical result of mapping a quantum reality into a state of a microscopic object with a huge number of degrees of freedom.

    However, microscopic systems (processors, brains) are “protected” from the quantum fluctuations (unless specifically designed to detect them). Noise from heat fluctuations do not affect the processor of my laptop and it gives the predictable results no matter how every specific molecule moves.

    So (what I was thinking before) the quantum reality is mapped twice: Bird’s view is mapped into frog’s view (classical physics) via the decoherence, and the second stage, where states of individual molecules are mapped into ‘processor bits’ belongs to the technology. The quantum behavior ends at the first stage.

    But the macroscopic systems can not observe movements of all parts they consist of in principle because the number of states of processor on the IT level (memory, registers) is much much less then the number of states if we look at the processor as a collection of molecules. So for processor (or for our consciousness) different paths (path N1234: molecule H2O N 9223 in row 3445 :) split into H+ and OH-, path N1235 – the same, but another molecule split, etc) – they all lead to the *same* state of processor or our consciousness.

    In that case, if there any physical meaning in distinguishing these different branches of reality? Or, like on Feynman diagrams with virtual particles, different branches of reality should also interfere?

    Finally, I am ready to formulate my question: what exactly is a “frog” and where quantum coherence ends, as we have a hierarchy of ‘microscopic states’? Does it end just because a frog contains too many moving molecules, or because a frog can observe? As a choice of final states for the quantum decoherence process is arbitrary, can we say that decoherence occurs (for us) only when it ‘hits’ our consciousness? In that case, weird quantum things can happen on the microscopic level, in our every day live, but we just do not feel them.

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