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Birds that have Incredible memories?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I recently saw a nature show that discussed a bird that lives in or near the Grand Canyon. Although I only caught a short bit of the report, but from what I did see, this bird buries enough acorns [or similar], in up to 1000 different locations over an area of several square miles, so as to survive on these for most of the year - about 9 months. Somehow these birds can "remember" where nearly all of the acorns are buried; even when a deep snow covers the ground.

    Does anyone know about this? Next, I don't believe it! I believe that the bird does what is claimed, but not in the way claimed. To me it seems virtually certain that the birds must use some other mechanism; such as to follow the earth's magnetic field lines somehow in order to accomplish this task. Any thoughts or comments? To remember the claimed 90 or 95% of about 1000 locations with that little brain...? That is really hard to believe.

    We used to think that birds of prey such as the eagle or hawk, could see mice in fields hundreds of feet below. Now we know that these birds simply follow the UV fluorescing mice pee that shines like a beacon in the UV sensitive eyes of these birds.
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