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Birthday present for boyfriend. Help needed A.S.A.P.

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    It is my boyfriend's 18th birthday next Wednesday and I am struggling to think of what to get him. He says that he doesn't need anymore Xbox points at the moment as he has plenty, he doesn't want clothing, so the Sheldon Cooper t-shirt is out of the question too, I have also sent an email to the university he has applied to and asked for a reading list but they said don't buy any books till August as it may change and the books required to read will depend on the options he chooses. So now, I am really struggling and I want it to be something nice.

    I've already got him a photo keyring from when I went on holiday a few months back and he likes that, he just now needs a photo but he can't find one, and plus I can't remember the size photo required so I can't choose one for him.

    The area of physics he is most interested in is nuclear, if this helps.

    Thanks :)
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi BethanAM! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    He's going away to university, and you're looking for things that remind you of him? :rolleyes:

    Give him something that reminds him of you!! :!!)​
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    I have a good idea that takes care of both of his interests; nuclear physics and keyrings.

    You can buy keyrings with tritium in them that glows so you can find your keys in the dark.
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    How about a vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos mug. Get one that fits into a cup holder. Have it engraved with something sweet. Put your name under that.
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    Perfume, wallet, half sleeves shirt with jeans or dress pant, admission form for martial arts gym (after all he has to protect you and himself :rofl::approve:)
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    How about a silver ring engraved with something likeā€¦ 'I'm watching you' :biggrin:
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    Traser H3 Tritium watches are nice. I love mine, and I bought one for my father when his old watch died. He loves it!
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    What - nobody gives or receives monogramed pens anymore - that used to be a staple present to give to someone, so they could sign their signature with quality ink and pen on important documents. A possession that you could call your own that nobody else had, given to you from someone where mutual reciprical respect and admiration are of prime importance. A possesion that woud last a lifetime and bring back memories of the days long lost but not forgotten. ( thickly laid on )
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