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Homework Help: Bismuth sulphide structural diagram

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    Can anyone tell me if the structural diagarm of Bismuth(III) Sulphide looks like this:

    l l
    Bi = Bi
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    They want to have a total of 40 electrons.
    They have a total of 28.
    That leaves a difference of 12 e-, divide by 2e- per bond, meaning there are going to be 6 bonds.
    The structural diagram would look like this (i think).

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    That's a good attempt, rocketboy...but I don't think it's the right structure. For one thing, it creates too many charged species (with the central S-atom having to accomodate a 2+ charge)

    I can think of a structure that requires only two singly-charged species.

    PhysicsBeginner : It's an important part of the process that you figure out the charges on the different atoms. To do this, you must also determine the number of non-bonding electrons on each atom.

    The failure of your structure lies in the following :

    1. It requires 4 charged atoms (and it requires an S to hold a positive charge and a Bi to hold a negative charge; both of which are against their tendencies)

    2. It proposes a long, linear molecule, which is energetically less favorable than a more compact structure, like the one suggested by rocketboy.

    3. There's a structure that is more compact still, and yet has only 2 charged species (an S- and a Bi+).
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