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Bit late to intro..

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    Hello everyone

    I am a 20 year old male. I love studying physics (even though not as good as I would like) and understanding maths, so far we did mechanics which was my favourite topi

    In general life has been really difficult so far, I know I have some mental problems due to those experiences, but I persevere. Anyway, I had my a levels and got into university but am not enjoying the course. I really would love to study electronics or computer science (I am applying to the programs). I had also gotten accepted for a program in physics, but I dropped the plan as my maths was poor!

    Other interesting things about me, well I love alternative/conspiracy theories, mainly because I don't trust the normal explanations, I see the world differently than most people. I know a lot about many things but that is to a superficial level.
    My hobby is 3d design and art, I usually create those things which are about the topic that currently interest me: right now I made an imaginary radio/communication device..because I am interested in electronic communications right now. Here is an image:
    IuGbiDC.png the idea is to add some electronics/wires inside to make it look like something that works..llol. the screen has been intruded (its a surface but now you can see inside)

    I feel like this community, well I probably misunderstood it a little at first. I learn a lot here and hope to do so in the future too. I have fooled around a lot in other forums, but here is where one feels he can grow, especially intellectually.

    When life gets too difficult for me (happening more frequently) I just remind myself that we don't know the purpose of life and other mysteries (which I won't be allowed to discuss here), though it does not work most of the time.

    I had an older account, but it had one post and was made 2 years or so ago..and I forgot the account and password as well.

    Anyway, hope to help and grow!
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    Belated welcome to PF!

    As long as you've read our guidelines and stick to mainstream science and math questions you should enjoy PF!

    Remember, we don't dwell on or discuss alternative / conspiratorial ideas nor personal theories nor speculative science as they confuse other students trying to learn about mainstream science and math.

    Take care and welcome,
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    Hi, thank you. :D
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