Bit of an odd request

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    I've indicated two rectangles. Can peeps tell me what they get for the ratio of widths? And then the ratio of lengths? Thanks.


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  3. Adjusting for the angles of presentation, they appear to be identical.

    What's the point?
  4. julian

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    They do look similar size. Can you be more specific? Just simply measuring ratios of widths and ratio of lengths as they appear there? I'll say what it is about in a bit.
  5. Say what it is about now. I hate coyness.
  6. julian

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    I want more replies first, stats thing :)
  7. julian

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    bump. Oh go on.
  8. Looks like I'm not the only one who does not appreciate coyness.

    Maybe if you say what the point is you can restart the conversation.
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    I hate it when OPs play games with us and refuse to ask the full question. Thread locked.
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