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Bit-Slice help

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    I'm really confused. In class we are going over Bit-Slice stuff, and I was out sick and am now trying to play catch-up. Problem is we have no text book and the guides for the class are terrible. I've tried googling this stuff and am not getting very far. I need to be able to do things like sketch a block diagram for a magnitude comparator bit-slice circuit. That sort of thing. But I really don't get the whole bit-slice thing. That's as far as I've gotten so far reading about it, it's like eating a large box of tacks. It's just terrible. So, does anyone know of a helpful website or any tips or anything? I'm very, very lost.

    this is the module for what we are supposed to be doing: http://ymk.k-space.org/M7.pdf
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    That paper appears to have a pretty good treatment of the bit-slice design method. Do you have specific questions about the paper that we could try to answer for you?
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    Woah, you just gave me a whole new definition of "terrible!"
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