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Bits and bytes

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    Is 1 megabit=1024 kilo bit or 1000 kilo bit, similarly 1 kilobit= 1000 bits or 1024 bits?
    I know 1 byte=8 bits. and what difference 64 kilo bits and 64 kilo bits per second has?
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    1 megabit = 1024 kilo bit
    1 kilo bit= 1024 bits

    64 kilobit is just an amount.64 kilo bits per second is the speed(It means 64 kilo bit is transferred every second
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    Have you tried reading the wiki article? It's got a good breakdown of what it means:

    @adjacent, according to the wiki, it may mean ##2^{10}## or ##10^3## bytes, depending on context.

    edit: whoops, sorry mixed bits and bytes there.
    Here's the kilobit article:
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