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Biuret Solution!

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    hi all!
    I was just thinking about organic compound indicators, and biuret solution for proteins crossed my mind. I know that it can be used to qualitatively tell the presence of proteins (peptide linkages) with a colour change. But is there a way that biuret solution can be used to take quantitative measurements??? ie) spectrophotometry, or is the reaction exothermic allowing a temperature measurement (not quite sure)
    Hope to receive some thoughts! thx!
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    Just did a quick search and while the papers I pulled up were somewhat old, mostly 70s/80s, Bieuret can be used with spectrophotometry. The intensity of the colour change is proportional to the amount of protein present.
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    In my old lab, we used biuret reagent to measure protein concentration of a solution rather than the bradfort reagent. You measure the change in colour using a spectrophotometere. I think the wavelength is 450 nm.

    However, the biuret reagent may not be as sensitive as the bradfort, but I'm 100% sure.
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