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Bizarre Attractive Force Found In Mayonnaise

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I know a little about this, but not from the attractive force sense, though it would explain many things, it might be that this attractive force also helps make blood clots, or cholesterol deposits. This is what I know.

    When making salad dressing, if you don't like an oil and vinegar suspension, that you have to shake up all the time to get a good mix of flavor, then you add the fatty protein of nuts to the suspension, or egg yolk for caesar, and at the right ingredient balance, an emulsion occurs that is nice and creamy, and stays that way. However adding too much of any one of the three main ingredients, acidic water, oil, protein, then the suspension breaks. The ratio of protein to the mix is lower. Our blood is a very thin emulsion, if there is too much fat, then it precipitates out, or is attracted to the electric charge in the walls of the blood vessels, more than it is attracted to stay in suspension. With an excess of hemoglobin, or in states of dehydration, things occur, in this suspension, that have adverse effects in the human body.

    So they say that blood is thicker than water, yes, but not as thick as salad dressing, mayonnaise, or Barbeque sauce. I myself am attracted to mayonnaise, but I avoid it, and instead take in Almonds for fat, or at the very worst, olive oil. My family has a penchant for losing fat from that suspension, and clogging up with cholesterol.
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