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B Bizzare math - Zipf law

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    Wow, just wow. Only just stumbled across this so haven't looked at any formal studies but still, wow!!

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    Quite interesting, I was curious to find whether it applied to Chinese where words like the, a .... are not used that is you when you say "I read the book" in Chinese there is no "the" it's literally "I read book".

    Investigations are more difficult since a word in Chinese may be represented by one or more characters so that you can't just do stats on the character usage alone, instead you need to understand the context.

    I found this paper that talks about the issues:

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    Curious how did you search that paper, I could not turn up much on Dr Google.

    I would like to improve my search skills to find more info from the literature.
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    The trick is to use words low on the zips meter so that you'll get more precise hits.

    For the search above I used "Chinese zipf law" and it came up on the second hit.

    It may be that google uses this trick to improve its search results too but I don't know that. Anyway you might gain some insight from Google search presentation which I just found by luck:

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    it was also curious that your video had a chart of zipf applied to the mysterious voynich book which has yet to be translated or even proven to be a real document.
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    I take no responsibility for the content.
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