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Homework Help: BJT problem

  1. Feb 8, 2009 #1
    Hi guys..how do u generate two identical voltage signals using the simplest BJT circuit?appreciate any help.....
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    Do you mean two identical voltage signals that are out of phase by any chance? In that case the simplest circuit using a BJT would probably be a split load phase inverter where both the collector resistor and emitter resistor are equal. The gain will be a little less than unity though because of the emitter resistance, and the output impedances will be different, the zout at the collector will be approximately the collector load resistance, and the zout at the emitter will be the source impedance divided by the transistor beta +1.
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    well i wanted two identical voltage signals..identical in phase and amplitude...i kinda figured it...used a bootstrapped-emitter follower circuit...no current flows thru the feedback resistor...so identical signals can be obtained...
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