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BJT vs FET operational costs

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    why are people saying BJTs are cheaper to OPERATE?

    the field effect devices require less current and should therefore cost less no?
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    what people ? where ?

    any links to that ?

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    The original statement is a lot like saying "Fords get better gas mileage than Chevys", without any other information provided. You can't make this type of comparison without talking about the type of circuit (the application), the type of BJT & FETs involved, and possibly several other things, so the statement itself has no merit.

    Circuit design dictates transistor choice, and in some cases, BJTs may be the preferred transistor, while in others, FETs are a much better option (for any number of reasons but not usually "operating cost").
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    As others have said, you can not generalize. There are certain applications where BJTs are better while others where FETs are better. You have to talk about specifics of the application. And add into JFETs vs. MOSFETs vs. BJTs in analog circuits generally.
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