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Black body colors question

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    I think it has been asked a lot of times and explained a lot of times, but as I've never seen the answer I post my question here.
    Why does a black body never becomes green when it is heated? It pass from infrarred to red, orange, yellow but instead of passing to green, it then passes by white... and then blue, etc. I guess there's something quantum mechanics can explain.
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    No it's purely physiological
    Green is the middle of the visible spectrum so any body heated to produce green will also produce a lot of red and blue. Red + green + blue looks white.
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    The old "ROYGBIV" for red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet summarizes the color transitions....
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    Ah thanks to both. I didn't realize that when a body is white, it means it's blue, green and red.
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