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Black Body in Motion

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    I am looking for books about black body in motion but i cant find any in Google. So, does any one know something about it and let me know? Just even the address of where i can find it is enough.
    Actually, the black body that i know is the one which absorbs all incident light (emissivity = 1). I learned this in quantum mechanics. And now i want to know how relativity deals with it and especially when the Black body is in motion.
    Please help!
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    Have not seen anything like that in recent popular books by Hawking, Susskind, Smolin, Greene, Randall, Ferreira, Seife, Kaku, Steinhardt & Turok, Bergmann.

    My first thought was "maybe doppler shifting takes care of it" ...but that was quickly shot down:
    from Wikipedia:

    Check it out for a start.

    And it may be other sections of that article has a reference of interest to you.
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    I'm a bit puzzled by your answer and wonder if you understand your own posts.

    In https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=2294495&postcount=7", you cited something that clearly stated that ".. stars and black holes are also black bodies..."

    Yet, when the OP asked for "black body in motion", you didn't cite such examples and in fact stated that you've never seen anything like that <scratching head>. Stars ARE in motion across our sky. If they can be considered as black bodies, then they ARE "black bodies in motion", are they not?

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    that's right stars can be considered as black body in motion. thanks a lot for your help!
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