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Black dogs?

  1. May 28, 2003 #1
    my mom is a nurse and has personally witnessed many people claiming to have seen a black dog sitting by the door of their room, all of them died soon after. i'm not really sure if this is a popular myth or not, but it seems i have seen a black dog in a rather unexpected situation as well (i obviously haven't died yet ). i used to run every night (2-3 am) around a church/school and i believe i know the area well enough to know what kind of animals are around. so im running and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, i'm being chased by a big black dog, unleashed, that i've never seen before. ok so this is a rotweiler i believe, and i'm thinking im going to have to break some doggy bones (im running up hill and im very tired), but i look back and don't see it. it's not like i ran a block away from it either, just about 20-30 feet. also i could not see all the way down the block, it's poorly lighted, so the dog may have simply given up. (probably not important, but the damn dog never even barked. i just heard something chasing me, looked back and seen this dog gaining on me.)

    now to make at least a little sense of the situation, i know there is a dog that lives near the house at which i was chased. this is a medium sized spotted dog, and it's always chained up in front of the house (i never saw it out there at night though). i don't know whether this dog is female or male, but maybe it is a female that was in heat that night and maybe the black dog was just lookin for some action. so this is how i made logical sense of what happened, but then i remember my mom and the black dog stories.

    so im just wondering if anyone has ever read about any myths dealing with black dogs or basically anything similar and can give me some sources. if not i'll be happy to label this as coincidence. and no, i dont do drugs and im not crazy!
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    Definitely a hell hound in heat :) seriously I think black dogs are one of these phobia type things like spiders that maybe have there roots in prehistoric times. By mistake I recently terrified a newphew with a big black dog story lol.
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