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News Black Friday query

  1. Nov 19, 2013 #1
    Hey, small question/favor for everybody, regarding black Friday. It's going to be the first time I actually participate in the festivities, yet I don't quite know what to get.

    What I mean to say is I'm not all experienced in finding 'deals', per say. don't know where to go, when, how; I just got the money to do so.

    anyway, could you all provide some tips? They need not be addressed to me, this thread could be dedicated to all the hype for this year's black Friday, it matters not to me. I just want some advice with regards to where I should go, what I should get, and related matters...
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    Read the ads.
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    I'd recommend looking at the main page and forums over at slickdeals :



    They have scans of all of the ads way ahead of time, product comparisons, etc. I'm not sure how good the frontpage of the black friday stuff is, I usually use the forums, but I do see now that they have a lot of the best deals listed already.
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    Great links Hepth. The camera I have been watching is going to be on sale at Costco online at a great price.

    It seems to me that I read that some stores are officially starting black Friday on Thursday. :confused: At least I won't have to pitch a tent in front of some store on Wednesday night to get the blasted camera.
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    If you must go, go very, very, very early. So early that, actually, you are already late.

    But me? I'll be avoiding retail establishments that day!
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    Me too. Nothing is worth that kind of hassle.
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    I'd do some online shopping, but I wouldn't be caught dead waiting outside of a Wal-Mart to rush in and grab some merchandise. I don't care if they're giving it away free. I'd probably come out of there with a disease or something. It's disgusting.
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