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Black Hole and Information

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    Hi Folks,

    Can somenone explain what "information" is with respect to black holes?

    I thought it was all about mass and energy from both quantum Mechanics and GR perspective.

    Why does "information" come into it...sounds unusual to say the least.

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    It is. "information" references the constituents making up matter that falls in, charge, matter, radiation, photons,etc.

    In addition, 'mass' or, 'particle number', is observer-dependent. The 'particle number' operator for an accelerated observer is different from the particle number operator for an inertial observer. Of course that's also true for the vacuum outside a black hole.

    You can find more on 'information' here:

    "Based on his black-hole thermodynamics work, Bekenstein also demonstrated the Bekenstein bound: there is a maximum to the amount of information that can potentially be stored in a given finite region of space which has a finite amount of energy (which is similar to theholographic principle).

    Check Leonard Susskind, and the holographic principle for additional insights.
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    Thanks for the link!
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