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Black hole bounce-Vandersloot and Böhmer

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    black hole bounce--Vandersloot and Böhmer

    there were quite a few impressive ones among the contributed talks at Loops '07. Some talks were about new research that has not been posted on arxiv yet. Like the one given by Kevin Vandersloot

    This refers to a paper he says will appear soon, that he is writing with Christian Böhmer. Both the authors are postdoctoral researchers at Portsmouth* UK.

    Loop Quantum Dynamics of Schwarzschild Interior

    the talk caught my attention because one of the black hole collapse cases they studied led to a BOUNCE and re-expansion to a new classical spacetime region.

    *Institute for Cosmology and Gravity
    at University of Portsmouth
    Roy Maartens is there. could be a good place to be.
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