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Homework Help: Black Hole Buoyancy

  1. Feb 19, 2015 #1
    I am fifteen and I attend High Tech High International and I have to teach a hour long lesson on Black Hole Buoyancy. And I was wondering how to do that. Can I have some suggestions or help?
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    The exact mechanism by which astrophysical jets are formed is still unknown. It is believed that the necessary elements consist of a rotating (Kerr) black hole and a magnetized accreting plasma. We model the accreting plasma as a collection of magnetic flux tubes/strings. If such a tube falls into a Kerr black hole, then the leading portion loses angular momentum and energy as the string brakes. To compensate for this loss, momentum and energy is redistributed to the trailing portion of the tube. We found that buoyancy creates a pronounced helical magnetic field structure aligned with the spin axis. Along the field lines, the plasma is centrifugally accelerated close to the speed of light. This process leads to unlimited stretching of the flux tube since one part of the tube continues to fall into the black hole and, simultaneously, the other part of the string is pushed outward. I got a best essay on this topic for my seminar presentation from this top 5 best essay writers during my graduation. It was an awesome experience with them.
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