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Black hole escape

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    Would is be possible for electromagnetism so help something escape from a black hole past the event horizon? Gravity is weak compared to the other forces, but it seems only electromagnetism would have a chance as the strong nuclear force is for holding atoms together, and weak nuclear force is I believe for radioactive decay. So my question is if you had a super strong magnet could it over power the gravity of a black hole and pull particles out?
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    Electromagnetism is propagated by photons, which is light, and by definition light cannot escape the event horizon of a black hole. So, the answer is no.
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    However, virtual particles CAN escape from balck hole (because they are not limited by C)

    For this reason BH can be charged and attract/repel other charges.
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    See Steven Hawkings treatise on virtual particles at a black hole horizon. They do not violate c. Black holes acquire charge from matter in their accretion zone.
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    Chronos, no.
    What if BH *already* had a charge before it collapsed?
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