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Black hole event horizon as surface of spacetime symmetry

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    The spacetime geometry outside a black hole may be transformable through the event horizon as the black hole internal geometry, and conversely.

    Consider Hawking radiation with respect to black hole entropy. While one quantum escapes to universal infinity, the other approaches the corresponding infinitesimal singularity. Entropy is always conserved between opposite horizons, thermally isolated, singularity and Hubble area. The event horizon represents their mirror symmetry, at which the universal spacetime inverts to actualize the black hole spacetime and reciprocate the relative surface curvature. The hole itself, surrounded by the entropic cosmos, is thus anentropic in character. The relation that horizon surface area is proportional to black hole entropy holds for both perspectives, either outside or within the hole.

    Please refer to my second and third articles at http://www.quantumdream.net
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    Greetings !

    Hmm... This indirectly made me think of something:
    The EH is actualy a relative feature, isn't it ?
    Basicly, the greater your velocity relative to the
    BH the EH will "retreat" towards the singularity
    on one "side" until your velocity gets infitesimally
    close to c and you can almost get a "glimpse" of it.
    Right ?

    Sure would be an intresting way to study BHs...:wink:

    Live long and prosper.
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    Almost, drag, but remember that singularities are awfully bashful!
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