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Black Hole in SUperman Returns

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    did anyone see this movie? and whats your opinion on the black hole that was shown at the end of the beginning credits? for those of you who didnt see it and will not. a black hole sucked up a sun and after that, there was a explosion of white light which i assumed was the hawking radiation.
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    My memory of that scene isn't precise, but I'm pretty sure the black disc was the silhouette of Krypton before it was destroyed by the exploding sun, not a black hole. Anyway, regardless of what the filmmakers intended, Hawking radiation would only be explosive for a microscopic black hole, the Hawking radiation from a macroscopic black hole is extremely weak.
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    Chi Meson

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    Not having seen the movie (and probably not going to ) it sounds like a Type Ia supernova. Hawking radiation is a long, slow emission surrounding any singularity. A type Ia SN occurs in a binary star system, when one of the stars starts to strip the envelope of gas from the other.
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