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Black Hole in the Lab?

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    Here is something interesting that I'm sure others here will find to have corollary to other threads. This one is pretty neat though I posted it here just for starters!

    This one will be interesting to watch!
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    The paper is very interesting and a potential breakthrough, but requires further study. Some of the authors interpretations appear speculative. I checked some prior works by Nastase, and they too appear a bit speculative. His publication record is weak. That does not diminish the reference. I'm just playing the skeptic here.
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    This may have been the wrong reaction but when I read this story this morning my first thought was of John Titor's time machine... :O

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    ^^ i read this about a week ago and had the same thought check.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Dam. This has got to be the second news story of Brookhaven National Laboratory involving RHIC and black holes. What's odd about this is that BNL officially said there is no way that black holes can be created. Here is a link to the laboratories official stance on the little black holes. This should be relevant reading. My stance is that it's a myth.
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