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Black Hole is a Symmetrical New World

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    Black Hole is a Symmetrical New World

    When particle density is high enough, mass becomes space-time, space-time becomes mass; electromagnetic field becomes charge and charge becomes electromagnetic field. This happens in black holes. A black hole is momentum space-time, similar to our x-space, can be called k-space.

    Since the Universe expands in x-space. Symmetrically, a black hole will grow in k-space. A black hole in x-space provides k-space an active galactic nucleus. After some time, there will exist stars and fanally black holes in k-space, which means active galactic nucleus in x-space. So young black holes are normally one-way, but old black holes will be two-way: looked as black hole and active galactic nucleus in both market. Older black hole will produce more black holes inside, so the black hole can release more particles and energy.

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