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Black hole particle jets

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    I was thinking that I keep hearing that their seeing particle streams being ejected from black holes and don't know how or why.i was thinking that about something else i heared is that at the event horizon the particle pairs come in and out of existence,then allihilate one another as matter,anti matter collides.what if when the particle pairs come in,the matter particle is sucked into the blackhole by its gravity,and the anti matter particle is repelled,or ejected from the black hole,giving the particle the ability to become a real particle onces its counterpart is taken before they can collide!
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    These jets have nothing yo do with the particle-antiparticle pairs. The jets have to do with the material outside (but near) the black hole which is greatly accelerated. I don't have a complete picture of the mechanism.
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    Yea, stuff that is spiraling into a black hole forms big vortices near the poles. Near the centers of these vortices, matter becomes so compressed, and friction so great, that tremendous energy is generated. This energy, mostly in the form of x-rays but with some highly energized particles mixed in, is ejected from the region just above the event horizon near the poll at very high speeds.
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