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Black hole radiation emission

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    I recently came across this formula:

    [itex] T = \frac{\hbar c^3}{8 \pi GK_BM}[/itex]

    As I understand it deals with the radiation that is believed to be emitted by a black hole.
    Does it describe the temperature of the radiation?

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    Simon Bridge

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    It describes the statistics of the radiation coming from close to the event horizon of a black-hole due to the large gravity gradient there.
    "Temperature" is a common way of describing such statistics - the model says that the radiation coming from the black hole follows a blackbody spectrum with a characteristic temperature given by that equation.
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    One more question I have regarding this equation is: how can we quantify the mass of a black hole (M)? Is it the mass of the singularity?
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    Simon Bridge

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    No worries.

    In relativity or QM it helps to be carefully pedantic about what things are saying - and that goes squared for when when both of them are used together :)
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