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Black Hole Shapes

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    What is the understanding of PhysicsForums gurus regarding the possible shapes of black holes?

    A rapidly spinning black hole should "frame drag" matter just outside the "equator" of the spinning hole, which would mean such matter would not pass any event horizon until closer to the axis of rotation. In other words, a rapidly spinning BH should "pull in" around its axis of rotation, becoming elliptical.

    I found one abstract from Tanabe Makoto [[a brane theorist]] regarding elliptical black holes.

    Additionally, if a heavy mass such as a neutron star passes thru the event horizon there should be a "local bulge" in the EV in the vicinity of the swallowed mass, since such mass clearly aids gravitational capture and such gravitational field change cannot propagate throughout the hole at infinite speed.
    -Harry Wertmuller
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