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Black hole solution for efe

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    What do you put inside einstein field equation for black holes? Why is it that such black hole solution is not feasible?

    Isnt the schwarzschild metric a solution for black holes? How is it not feasible?
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    Why are you saying that it's "not feasible"? The Schwarzchild metric is the solution to the EFE for (non-rotating, uncharged) masses, whether black holes or not. It doesn't apply below the surface of an object because it's a vacuum solution and below the surface isn't a vacuum, but if the object is dense enough that its surface lies inside the Schwarzchild radius, the Schwarzchild solution predicts that a a black hole will form, event horizon and all.

    It it is true that any real world black hole formed by the collapse of a star will be rotating because the original star was rotating, and in that case you will want to use the Kerr metric instead of the Schwarzchild metric.
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