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Black hole

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    Is the exotic environment of a black hole, home to the superforce?
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    Please post what you are referring to.

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    'The Superforce'? What's that?
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    Without a doubt.
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    I am pretty sure the superforce is home to the exotic environment of the black hole. Dont quote me on it though.
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    Yes, superman's fortress of solitude is at the north pole east of Santa's castle and the superforce's home is in a black hole.
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    I think by "superforce" he means the theoretical unified force of electroweak, strong and gravity forces.
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    ACK !!! Another spammer or troll !!!

    Rhody... :yuck:
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    Wow, yes, it all makes sense now... the superforce!

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    thanks tosh. I knew I'd get some ribbing for this one as I was typing it
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    You got a ribbing because this is in General Discussion.

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    I'll review the guidelines. I don't know who came up with the theory of a unified, or superforce. it is compelling.
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