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Black Holes and Time Travel

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    This is wild speculation but wild speculation is fun;

    Do micro black holes bend space and time like their bigger siblings? Could you then use the curvature of time of such a micro black hole and a radio transmitter to send a message back through time?

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    Wild speculation is not allowed here on PF, but luckily your question is actually not very speculative and is well within mainstream General Relativity.


    In GR-lingo this question is "Does the Schwarzschild spacetime have closed lightlike curves?" and the answer to that is "No."
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    This question seems to imply that you think you could do this with a large black hole. You can't.
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    It's well established that a black hole could be used to travel into the future; so could one quantum entangled particle be sent into the future with the purpose of communicating with the past by using the entanglement?

    Wow; wild speculation is not allowed on PF. Wild speculation is the spice of life!

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    Time travel into the past is not possible as far as science currently knows. Since PF exists to teach people about current, mainstream science, not to speculate on what might and might not be, I am closing this thread.
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