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Black holes as FTL travel

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    Hello dbmorpher here,
    I am an avid Halo fan, and in the lore the ability to go faster than light is from the http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Shaw-Fujikawa_Translight_Engine
    I wanted to know if miniature black holes and hawking radiation would be able to rip a hole in space-time.
    If not what are some contemporary ideas for faster than light travel?
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    No, that is just nonsense. It is just stringing together buzz words in a way that has nothing to do with actual physics.

    none based on actual physics. There are theories based on wormholes but they don't seem to be based in reality.
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    There are a lot of threads about possible ftl travel and ftl information transfer here at the PF. Please do a search and read those threads. If you have a specific questions about those threads, you may start a new thread to ask your questions about that thread. This thread is closed.
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