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Black holes create dark energy

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    If black holes create dark energy, then the tendency for dark energy to cause expansion of space in the black hole would be balanced by the tendency of gravity to pull the mass of the black hole to one point.So a singularity would not form.Since dark energy is a kind of energy, its energy must come from somewhere, and the source of its energy could be particles
    falling into the black hole.
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    That's a big if. Most physicists would not agree with your idea. Dark energy is believed to be associated with the energy of the vacuum (quantum theory idea), although the connections is very qualitative. Dark energy can be considered an artifact of general relativity, but this doesn't give any physical explanation.

    Dark energy appears to pervasive and acts on a very large scale, i.e. speeding up the expansion of the universe. It accounts for about 70% of the total mass-energy of the universe. Black holes in contrast are very small, even the big ones at the centers of galaxies. I haven't see any estimates of total mass, but I suspect it would be less than 1% of the universe.
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    If the Blackhole is expanding then it must be doing it somehow.

    I would appreciate correction here in terms of the following.

    Consider phonon injection tranferred through the boundry of the blackhole(bubble), and adding information(energy), across the horizon into the blackhole as a analogy.

    In this case photon being stripped(as greater gravitational impact of energy concentration), would allow this interactive feature between the graviton and the photon.

    In this consideration(shell collapse and Gamma ray burst), the cycle of this event as information of a cyclical nature, would have been foretelling in regards to red and blue shifting, and as well, as revealing subsequent intensity of the collapse after the burst?

    Now if we consider the example of the fabric indenting mass objects into it, think of the significance of the 3 dimensional brane being used here and the increase in graviton production according to the energy signficance of early supersymmetrical universe.

    I'll have to come back to this. hmmmm........

    e+ or not to e-, this is a question of the matrices revealing a negative (i)time value in this interaction?
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    Dark energy could be created from gravitons and other vacuum particles
    which exist as particles and not as particle-antiparticle pairs which annihilate one another.The sum dark energy + vacuum energy would be constant throughout time.
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    How would you describe a straight line in a vacuum? :smile: or Gravitational Lensing?
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