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Black holes energy

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    peace upon u ..

    though it's a fantasy but it's a scientific one ..

    i've read about the generating energy from black holes

    the issue that: is such an extreme science fiction reachable ??

    no doubt that wireless connection was a science fiction once upon the time .. but there was a hidden method to reach it ..

    now about black holes .. we have no 100% ensured information about conditions around black holes and even - in the first step - no method to reach a place nearby a black hole i mean no mean of transportation ...

    do u think it's reachable ...

    best wishes
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    What "science fiction"?

    Note that this isn't about "generating energy from black holes". It is about figuring out the source of the ultra-high energy cosmic particle, i.e. where they come from. "Generating energy" implies something that one could tap and use. There's nothing even remotely like that implied at all in the Auger result.

    So your connection with "science fiction" here is very puzzling.

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    oh my God !!

    i was reading this while i was posting this thread ..
    it reminded me with an article i read in the scientific american (the arabic version) it was about energies ... but a part of it was about black holes energy ...

    that matter annihilates when it reaches the events horizon .. and convetrs into energy .. so there was an idea of generating energy from this fenomenon
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    This doesn't happen.
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    that's what i understod from what i read ...

    anyway it's good not to stay believing in a wrong thing ... what happens ??

    thank you
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    Maybe there is a language issue here, but your posts (and this whole thread) have been very confusing.

    If language is such a case, then may I suggest that from now on, to avoid such confusion, stick to just one narrow topic at a time when posting in a thread or a post. This thread, for example, is going so fast in many different directions, no event horizon can even contain it.

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    I'm going to take a guess (this may not be correct) at what the article was saying, which should clear this up:

    As per quantum mechanics particles are constantly popping in and out of existence. A pair of particles and anti-particles come into being but then annihilate very quickly after forming. However, just occasionally they pop into existence with one inside the event horizon of a BH and one on the outside. In this circumstance, the particles cannot annihilate and one escapes at a cost of the mass of the BH (energy must be conserved). In a sense then, these particles (called hawking radiation) could be used somehow as an energy source.
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    mm .. i think u r right .. thanks for ur advice

    lol :rofl: no wonder .. profesional cosmologist
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    in the article (the one i read) there is a little sidebar about science fiction energies .. one of them was colliding matter and anti matter .. and the other was to put a mass near a black hole so that the black hole attractes it .. and as energy is conserved then the potetial energy of the mas must be transferable to another form of energy that we can use !!

    that's what the i read .. but i forgot it and so i was talking about annihilation that don't happen ...

    forgive my forget !

    best wishes ..
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    I have a question of the charge of the black hole (BH). If a BH is positively charged, then can we detect it from outside ? Maybe the the strong gravitational force will prevent the charge info from getting outside, for example, even photon can not escape through horizon of event.
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