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Black Holes For Civilians

  1. May 27, 2008 #1
    Trying to understand black holes as much as possible without the difficult math....

    I gather that matter - or energy - falling into a black hole loses all "identity" when it - they - cross the event horizon. Thus, if two neutron stars fall in, they do not emit gravity waves as they spin down toward [most everything spins] the singularity, whereas they would make waves if they were spinning around outside a BH. But the total mass, and angular momentum, is preserved. Thus the black hole has all charge; linear momentum; angular momentum; et cetera; but it acts as a single object - the whole black hole inherits properties. All properties are "ripped off" and "embued" in the skin of the event horizon. Outside observers cannot "resolve" anything inside the hole.

    About right?

    And: What do the equations say about the speed of light _inside_ the event horizon? [for "observers" inside?] That is, between the EV and the singularity?

    -Harry Wertmuller
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