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Black Holes Relation To Time

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    Black Holes Relation To "Time"

    Hello All,

    Thanks for fielding my first question here. It looks as though "Physics Forums" will be a tremendous resource for me.

    This is not a homework question. Rather, I am working on a broadcast documentary.

    Is the concept of "time" (in the Newtonian, Einstienian, or quantum sense) related to black holes in any way other the Time Dilation?

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    Re: Black Holes Relation To "Time"

    Can anyone think of other elements of time which may be illustrated by a black hole?
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    Re: Black Holes Relation To "Time"

    Hmm, other then gravitational time dilation... How would a black hole relate to time? I wonder...
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    Re: Black Holes Relation To "Time"

    Hi sciroccokid,

    I think that the main relationship to time is that the singularity is a spatial location that is in the future of all events in the event horizon. Basically spacetime is bent so far that the coordinate time axis becomes spacelike.
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    Re: Black Holes Relation To "Time"

    Hmm, Interesting I had never thought of that.
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    Re: Black Holes Relation To "Time"

    But if you are in a black hole, don't you watch everything outside accelerate towards the future? If this is the case, how can the inside of a black hole be in a future time?
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