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Black Holes

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    Hi I am new and would like to share some ideas..

    ...I read alot about QM...

    recently I had a series of visions..

    I imagined that a Black Hole was actually flat...

    in other words it was not a giant swirling tornadoe of gravity
    as the pictures depict...

    but simply a 'place' of extreme gravity..

    ...a black holes has no depth to it ....

    it is dimensionless in my imagination.

    it seems to be simply an event....it has no other side to it

    Is this idea correct..or does it make no sense?

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    ...kinda like...if U fall into one...

    U will go nowhere .

    Black holes lead nowhere (?)
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    I suggest you start learning about the fundamentals of black holes before speculating about this kind of thing. You might try a more pointed question (or a search of the archives) in the Relativity forum.
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