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Black holes

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    Are black holes studied in cosmology at all, by any cosmologists?

    Are there any cosmological theories that investigate quantum exchanges, or entanglement (I had a vague idea there were one or two).
    Is the subject not allowed at this forum, or is it that entanglement "goes in the quantum mechanical bin" like my previous post did??

    (see how I'm asking a direct question about policy here? is that OK?)
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    I think you should really try and focus the aim of your threads onto a specific point or question. What is the point of this thread, other than to get a dig in about what you see as an unfair practice of moving irrelevant threads to a relevant forum? :confused:
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    This is irrelevant.

    You moved the thread because it was irrelevant.
    Entangled states are an irrelevancy, when you discuss or think about cosmology - there is no entanglement in cosmology??

    See, it looks a lot like you just made an arbitrary decision. I can do that too, but I find that, generally, assuming things and acting on assumptions works for day-to-day stuff, but not science.

    A question then: do you know what the Hawking-Bekenstein theory is?
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    Quite, and I'm also pretty close to locking this thread since it has no content!

    Do you mean the so-called 'Black Hole Thermodynamics'?

    Do you wish to discuss this topic, or is that question just to try and justify your posting this complaint?
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