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Black holes

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    Could a black hole actually be either one of two things: a worm hole that leads to another universe or could a black hole be just another universe like for example our universe is within a black hole thats in a different universe??
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    Could be. But we don't know (and at the present time cannot know) so any discussion would be purely speculative and therefor against forum rules.
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    Like negitron says, it's possible but we cannot know.

    As I've said before in several threads, black holes and worm holes produce the same local spacetime curvature. So, to an outside observer, there is no way to tell the difference.
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    I thought there'd be frame dragging with a worm hole. Not so?
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    I'm pretty sure frame dragging applies to rotating black holes (any massive rotating object, really), never heard it applied to worm holes though.
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    Frame dragging, or the Lense-Thirring effect, occurs with any rotating object. It is, however, exceedingly small and difficult to measure. Gravity Probe B is the most recent attempt to confirm this prediction [which it did].
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    If you believe in parallel universes than these could well be the entrance to them!
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