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Black holes

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    Black holes, Time technically stops after the event horizon correct? So, Let's say, We had a string.. That cannot be ripped, broken, streched, or anything that would harm or alter it's position. Let's say, It was 20,000 Light years long and on each end of it was a black hole pulling. Now, We'd assume that it would act some what like a pully and reel inwards but, the other side would do the same.

    So, If the rope "Pulling" started at both ends at exactly the same time it would be down to who has the bigger gravity well. So.. Let's say by a extreme chance they are both perfectly identical. What would happen!? Would they both reel each other in to one another?

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    Have you ever played a well-matched game of tug-of-war?
    I don't think black holes are quite as exotic as you seem to think.
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