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Black light energy source?

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    I think that I would find this technology very interesting, if I could understand a word of what they are talking about...

    Could someone interpret this for me? I understand that you can't get something for nothing, so what exactly is the input, and what is the output?

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    Interesting video.
    Either this is a con game or they are honestly misled.
    ?This is merely a chemical reaction that only occurs at high temperatures?
    Whatever it is, it definitely is not a source of free energy.
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    It seems that it's a chemical reaction that creates a large amount of energy for its size and cost - thus creating steam and operating a turbine? Why not? :P If it's cheaper, safer, and cleaner, let's do it! :D
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    Closed for now.
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    Sorry guys, but this is a 20 year-old hoax or honest crackpottery borne of the cold fusion crackpot debacle. And it doesn't matter which it is: after 20 years, they have yet to produce a working prototype of a device that at face value isn't possible and violates well established physical theories.
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